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Okidata 4580 Fax Machine

If you’re looking for the perfect fit for all your faxing needs, then the Okidata 4580 fax is your solution. The Okidata 4580 fax just the right size at just the right price—and the Okdata 4580 fax offers the fax features you want now, along with upgrade options to address your growing needs.

Versatile and flexible.
The OKIFAX 4580 fax is ready to work right out of the box. It lets you transmit and receive documents quickly—at the touch of a button—with a fast 33.6 Kbps G3 modem, transmitting your documents as quickly as 3 seconds per page.1

This Digital LED facsimile lets you work more efficiently, and increases productivity with such features as broadcasting, group dialing, polling and 1-touch speed dialing. The Okidata 4580 Fax dual access feature lets you set up an outgoing fax while another is coming in.

For a variety of output options, there’s the 100-sheet paper tray, 20-sheet automatic document feeder, and manual feed for envelopes, labels, overhead transparencies and custom paper sizes. The straight-through paper path of the OKIFAX 4580 fax ensures consistent, high-quality output—no warping and no wrinkling.

Okidata 4580 FaxOkidata 4580 Fax-Click for the best price!
Click here-Okidata 4580 Fax specification sheet

Key features of the OKIFAX 4580 include:

 - One 33600 KBPS Modem (Approx. 3.0 Seconds per Page)*
 - 20 Page Automatic Document Feeder
 - 320 Page Standard Memory*
 - 6 Second Per Page Quick Scan Into Multi Access Memory*
 - 110 Speed Dial Numbers (10 One Touch / 100 Two Touch) (10 Groups)
 - Automatic Redial (1 to 10 times at 1 to 6 minute intervals)
 - Alphabetic Telephone Directory, Group Dialing and FAX/TEL Switching
 - Broadcast Transmission and Delayed Transmission
 - 100 Sheet Paper Tray & Manual Feed for Envelopes, Labels and Transparencies
 - 64 Level Halftones/Gray Scale
 - Collated Face Down Printing @ 8 Pages Per Minute
 - 300 x 300 dpi Copier @ 8 CPM (1 to 50 copies with Zoom R&E 25% to 200%)
 - Optional 300 x 300 dpi PC Printer @ 8 PPM (Windows GDI)
 - Optional 300 x 300 dpi PC Scanner @ 6.0 SPP (Twain Compliant)
 - Optional 300 x 300 dpi Network Printer @ 8 PPM
 - Optional 300 x 300 dpi Network Scanner @ 6 SPP
 - Optional PC/FAX, LAN/FAX, Internet Fax and Scan to E-Mail
 - Dimensions (H x W x D): 7.5" x 12.3" x 15.3" (16.75 LBS.)

The OKIFAX 4580 is simple to upgrade, so as your business grows or changes, your equipment can easily keep pace. Options include an I-Fax Upgrade Kit for sending and receiving Fax-to-email documents; Unimessage Pro and Pro LAN, Multifunction Upgrade Kits for added printing, scanning and messaging capabilities.
By adding the OKI I-Fax Upgrade Kit, end users can send hardcopy fax documents as TIFF or PDF attachments to an e-mail address, a group of e-mail addresses, or a combination of fax numbers and e-mail addresses. They can also receive simple text e-mails printed on their OKIFAX 4580. The I-Fax Upgrade Kit includes automatic network setup with DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) so that all network information (IP address, Subnet Mask, etc.) is acquired from the DHCP server making network installation easy.
Users can also choose to upgrade their OKIFAX 4580 with our Unimessage Pro and Pro LAN upgrade kits. These software kits allow the OKIFAX 4580 to become a multifunction peripheral device, enabling users to fax, PC fax, copy, print, and scan all from one, compact system. With the Unimessage Pro LAN Kit the OKIFAX 4580 can connect to a network via a parallel interface to a host PC. Up to 5 concurrent users can share all the advanced features of this single, compact fax device eliminating the need for a dedicated fax server.
The OKIFAX 4580 is Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star(R) compliant, signifying low power usage by computers and peripherals. The Power Save Mode automatically reduces power usage when inactive, while the Toner Save Mode can be programmed for more economical toner usage.
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