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Xerox 4118 Copier!


The Xerox 4118 copier (550 Sheet Tray Standard!) affordably priced is the most feature rich digital copier machine sold in America today. The Xerox 4118x copier has an automatic document feeder and sorter capable of producing finished copy packages in record time. The Xerox 4118 Copier has standard two-sided copying! The Xerox 4118x copier also has the fastest fax modem made in America. Together with it's built-in printer and scanning functions, the Xerox 4118 copier is everything a small to mid-size company needs to produce any finished copy package. The Xerox WorkCentre 4118 copier also offers powerful features such as two-sided printing, scan-once-print many and electronic collation, color scanning, secure faxing and optional network printing—just to name a few that you’d expect to find only in big office systems. If you have any questions about the Xerox 4118 copier, please call us at (888) 794-2679 to speak to one of our knowledgeable copy machine customer associates. 

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The Xerox 4118 copier has optional network ability!

Xerox 4118 Copier

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